Monthly Archives: September 2012


I’ve been trying for some time to get into the Rails development but it’s been hard. Now I found Redmine, a very nice web tool for project management written in RoR, that might help me understand a little more about this framework.

First of all, my team at work moved from Trac 0.12 to Redmine 2.0.3. It was kinda hard to migrate the database but we did it. I needed to make a lot of changes in the migration script but we managed to move after all. I learned some small things about Rails, but nothing relevant.

After this event I decided to run my own instance of Redmine in one of my machines to manage at least one of my personal projects. Very few things have been done yet and I’m not sure where I’ll run it: in Heroku or Amazon EC2. I know Heroku has only 5MB of storage but it might save a day or two that I would need to spend installing MySQL+Apache+Passenger from scratch in a EC2 Micro instance.

Well, I’ll decide about that later. I hope this will keep me busy with Rails stuff and maybe inspire me to make or write something useful for you guys.