G5: i5500 Factory Settings

I bought this G5 (Samsung Galaxy 5) phone last year (2011) in Brazil and never updated its firmware. All I did was update its apps using the Google Play Store procedure and reset to its factory settings a couple of times. As I intent to install a custom ROM, this i5500 factory settings information might come in hand sometime. Here they are.

Model number: GT-I5500B
Android version: 2.2
Baseband version: I5500BVJJP7
Kernel version: hojoong@SEP-13 #1
Build number: FROYO.VJJP7

The first thing I think I’ll try is to root it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do much with it yet but I’m pretty sure I must do it if I want to install CyanogenMod. I’ll post the procedure as soon as I get the hash (#) prompt. 🙂